Our Hearses

We have a choice of Hearses available to families for transportation to your loved ones final resting place.

2010 Holden VE V8 SS Heritage Hearse

We are proud to offer our very unique and stylish 2010 Holden VE Heritage V8 hearse, finished in silver, and built by the Bunce Coach Company in Auckland.  It is New Zealand’s only coach built Heritage hearse to be finished with a 6L V8.

We at Haven have made our new 2010 Holden VE V8 Heritage Hearse available for hire to other families and funeral homes. This can be arranged directly with us or through your choice of funeral director. A professional driver is included in the hirage. Please contact us for availability, rates and further information.


2010HoldenSSV8_2.jpg 2010HoldenSSV8_3.jpg
2010HoldenSSV8_4.jpg 2010HoldenSSV8_5.jpg
2010HoldenSSV8_6.jpg 2010HoldenSSV8_7.jpg



2005 Ford Futura Hearse


2005FordBA_2.jpg 2005FordBA_3.jpg

2002 Ford Fairmont Hearse


02FordFairmont1.jpg 02FordFairmont3.jpg

1936 Dodge Hearse Restoration Project

In 2012 we purchased a 1936 Dodge hearse which is currently undergoing restoration and once complete will be available for those special occasions.

Restoration project updates

16/04/2015: Update #01


36dodgehearse_5.jpg 36dodgehearse_A3.jpg
36dodgehearse_A1.jpg 36dodgehearse_A2.jpg
36dodgehearse_2.jpg 36dodgehearse_3.jpg
36dodgehearse_4.jpg 36dodgehearse_1.jpg

Restoration project updates

16/04/2015: Update #01